How To Roll A Blunt, Step By Step

Rolling a blunt is one of the most beloved, classic methods to enjoy cannabis. Blunts offer a slow burn and great taste that makes them perfect for a laid-back session, whether you’re chilling at a party with friends, hanging out around a campfire, or just kicking back at home.

If you want to learn how to roll a blunt, this article is for you. We’ll walk you through each step of the rolling process and provide other valuable tips for elevating your next session.

How to roll a blunt, step by step

A blunt is a cannabis cigar or cigarillo that’s made by rolling bud you ground yourself or bought pre-ground into a tobacco leaf wrap or hemp leaf wrap. While there are different types of blunts out there (including pre-rolled ones you can find in a dispensary), these simple steps make it easy to start rolling your own blunts at home.

1. Grind your cannabis

Rolling any type of blunt begins with grinding up your cannabis. This breaks your bud into small, even pieces. This helps your blunt burn slower and more evenly, reducing the risk of one side burning more quickly than the other. This is called “canoeing,” and it can ruin your blunt.

2. Prepare your blunt wrap

If you haven’t already purchased your blunt wrap, now is the time. Traditional tobacco cigars like Swisher Sweets or Backwoods can be found at most convenience stores, while leaf papers and tobacco-free options may be available at your local dispensary or a local smoke shop.

To prepare the blunt wrap, use a razor blade to cut the cigar along the edge lengthwise and empty the tobacco. If the wrap came without any tobacco content, you can skip the step of splitting. If you’ve cut open your blunt wrap, moistening the leaf can make the rolling process easier and helps seal any tiny tears that may have formed when splitting the wrap.

3. Fill your blunt wrap

After you’ve prepared your blunt wrap, it’s time to fill it with bud. Typically, you’ll need about 1 to 2 grams of flower to fill the average blunt wrap. However, if you are rolling a Backwoods or another similarly large blunt wrap, you may need up to 3 to 4 grams.

4. Roll and seal your blunt

Once filled, it’s time to roll and seal your blunt wrap. For this step, wrap and tuck one edge of the wrap under the other using your index fingers. Carefully begin to roll the blunt wrap over, ensuring the weed remains tightly packed inside. Don’t roll it too tightly, though — air needs to flow in order for you to smoke your blunt without it getting clogged.

When your blunt is nearly fully rolled, lick the inside edge of the leaf lengthwise (or wet it with some water on your finger) and seal the blunt closed. You can cover any rips and tears with leftover tobacco leaves if you need to. Some people like to use both the inner and outer leaves of a cigar for this purpose.

5. Bake your blunt

Run a lighter around the exterior of the wrapper after rolling and sealing a blunt. This will help to dry out any moisture along the seal of the blunt and ensure a more even burn. Baking your blunt with a lighter can also make it easier to light, which can also help avoid the dreaded canoeing.

6. Enjoy

After baking your blunt, it’s time for the fun part. Kick back, light up, and enjoy smoking the fruits of your labor!

What do you need to roll a blunt?

There are a few supplies needed to roll a blunt. You may choose to use some additional accessories as well, but the following are all you really need to get started.

  • A blunt wrap: As you probably guessed, blunt wraps are the most necessary supply to roll a blunt. As opposed to rolling papers for joints, wraps for blunts are typically made from tobacco leaves or hemp leaves. You can either purchase a cigar and empty its contents or look for blunt wraps that come empty.
  • Cannabis flower: Of course, you’ll need bud to roll a blunt. Without it, all you have is an empty cigar. Choose your favorite cultivar and grind up enough to fill your wrap before getting started.
  • A grinder: While you can break apart your cannabis buds by hand, grinders make the process more convenient and help your blunt burn more evenly. Not to mention, you won’t end up with sticky fingers when you’re ready to roll.
  • Something sharp: If you’re rolling with a traditional cigar wrap, you’ll need something sharp like a knife to cut it open. While it’s not 100% necessary and can be done by hand in a pinch, a sharp edge will help with ease and precision while avoiding unnecessary tearing that can affect how your blunt smokes or burns.
  • Lighter: Aside from lighting the blunt to smoke, a lighter is useful for baking your blunt after you seal it.
  • Rolling tray: You may want to have a rolling tray on hand to catch any extra cannabis that falls while rolling your blunt, but it’s not necessary.

How much cannabis goes into a blunt?

The average blunt generally holds 1 to 2 grams of cannabis flower. However, depending on the type of wrap you’re using and your personal rolling technique, you may need a bit more. To be safe, consider keeping about an eighth of weed on hand when rolling a blunt.

What kinds of blunt wraps are there?

There are many kinds of blunt wraps to choose from, including hemp, tobacco, and terpene-infused wraps. The type of blunt wrap you use is ultimately a personal choice, with each one offering its own unique experience. Some of the most popular blunt wraps include:

  • Backwoods
  • Swisher Sweets
  • Dutch Masters
  • High Hemp Wraps
  • Games

If we may be blunt…

Rolling a blunt takes practice. Even with the best step-by-step guide, it can be tricky to roll the perfect pearl. Don’t worry — all it takes is a little practice and you’ll be able to roll top-notch blunts in no time. But, if you want a more straightforward method or simply don’t feel like taking the time to roll your own blunt, dispensaries like Iconic Wellness’ offer pre-rolled blunt options that you can take home and enjoy right away, no extra steps required.

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