True North Confections Gummies Review

Edibles come in all different shapes and sizes, and it can sometimes be hard to tell which are the best until you’ve tried it for yourself. With True North Confections gummies, though, the quality speaks for itself. 

Available in a 2-pack of 50mg each, True North’s gummies are available in many flavors. This review will give you a sense of what to expect from True North Confections’s potent, fruity gummies, as well as provide some of the feedback we’ve heard from customers at Iconic Wellness locations in Michigan.


True North Confections 50mg gummies fast facts

  • Type:
  • THC content: 50mg THC per gummy

  • Flavors: Blood Orange Moon, Blueberry Lemon Haze, Citrus Splash, Electric Watermelon, Forbidden Apple, Fruit Punch, Island Orchard, Motown Mango, Orange Dreamsicle, Strawberries ‘N’ Cream, Strawberry Fields, Tangerine Dream, Traverse City Cherry, True Blue
    • Potential effects: Expect big flavors and a body high that offers deep relaxation without causing drowsiness.

    • Good for: High tolerance consumers, pain relief, stress alleviation

    What’s the True North Confections gummies experience like?

    True North Confections gummies come in a pack of two 50mg THC gummies made in a variety of flavors. These sweet and tangy flavors are sure to please, delivering a fruit-forward taste with just a slight hint of cannabis in the background. True North gummies are chewy and firm without being tough to handle, offering a consistency that consumers love.

    Even experienced, high-tolerance consumers can expect one of the gummies to meet their needs, as True North Confections offers a reliable product that delivers a predictably potent experience. Expect a relaxing body high that won’t cloud your mind, giving you the focus and energy you need to carry on with your day while melting away stress and helping soothe aches and pains.


    What do Michiganders have to say about True North Confections gummies?

    Michigan residents who love potent edibles are raving about True North Confections 2x50mg gummies, which many find meets their needs with less. And despite the strength of these gummies, consumers also report they don’t leave them feeling couch locked or sleepy.

    “Normally, I take 100mg … but with these gummies I can take one 50mg piece and be set,” said Iconic Wellness Lowell, MI budtender Amanda E. “The overall effect is my favorite, as it really relaxes my whole body but doesn’t put me to sleep. I can feel relaxed but enjoy my day at the same time,” Amanda said. 

    It’s not just the potency that’s making these gummies fan favorites – it’s also the flavor and consistency. With a selection of 14 flavors, there’s a gummy for every palate, and the big fruity tastes are sure to please consumers with a sweet tooth. 

    “True North is one of my favorites, hands down,” said Matt B. “No matter what products or flavors I find myself enjoying, they are perpetually out doing themselves with flavor, consistency and a quality buzz I can count on appreciating.”

    When you eat a True North gummy, you know what to expect based on the name of the product. That’s a refreshing change for consumers who haven’t had that experience with other lines of edibles.

    “The taste matches the name,” Amanda said. “For example, True North Sweet Summer Peach tastes exactly like peaches with a hint of [cannabis]. The consistency of the gummy is not too hard and it’s not too soft — it’s the perfect texture for a gummy.”


    Where to shop for True North Confections 2x50mg gummies

    You can buy True North Confections 2x50mg gummies at any Iconic Wellness dispensary throughout Michigan. If you want to try these tasty, powerful gummies, stop in at one of our locations in Lowell, Sturgis, or Gaylord. Not sure which flavor you’d like best? Just ask one of our friendly and knowledgeable budtenders, many of whom have firsthand experience with True North Confections products. We’ll make sure you go home with the right gummy for you, and who knows, maybe one of your new favorite products.


    Potent flavor-packed gummies for serious edibles fans

    If you’re a big fan of cannabis gummies for their potency, flavor, or overall experience, True North Confections 2x50mg gummies are a must try. These potent edibles deliver a relaxing high along with delicious taste, the perfect combination for a true fan of edibles. Pick up your True North Confections gummies at an Iconic Wellness dispensary near you today.

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    Hear From Iconic Customers
    Don’t just take our word for it. Hear why our customers think we’re Iconic.

    The environment is fresh and full of positivity. The staff are knowledgeable, friendly and eager to help. Product selection is top shelf quality and presented in a very inviting manner. The Lowell location is beautiful. You won’t regret shopping here!

    Matthew S.

    If you are looking for the best quality bud, Iconic is the place to go! They have amazing staff who have great knowledge of all the products. This place has so many amazing options, from the bud to the edibles.

    Carrie R.

    I’ve been about all over the southwestern area for my “bud hubs” but by far Iconic has a larger supply of variety, the prices that I’m aware of are the best within 100 miles. And the customer service is beyond phenomenal… This place has all you will need.

    Shane K.

    The budtenders were very friendly and knowledgeable! They had a very good selection and the place just has a good vibe. I recommend Iconic to anyone and I’ll definitely be back!

    Nicholas K.